Instruction for Huawei

Just following below steps and the function of Whoscall
can be successfully operated on Huawei's mobile phone

Huawei Honor H60-L04 Huawei Mate MT7-L09

Step 1

Tap the “Phone Manager”

Step 2

1. Tap the upper-right “toolbox”
2. Tap “Dropzone management”
3. Select the “checkbox”

Step 3

1. Back to “Phone Manager”, and tap “Notification manager”
(in the second page)
2. Tap “Rules” tab and set Whoscall to allowance condition

Step 4

1. Back to the main page and tap “Settings”
2. Tap “All” tab and then tap “Protected apps”
3. Select the “checkbox”


Setting is finished!
Remember to restart Whoscall to make setting activated!